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Kafr el-Dawwar
Wheat - photo 1
Posted: 10 October 2020, 08:35


Price on request
Cтеклов Юрий Александрович
главный специалист
Холдинг мд-39, LLC,  Kaliningrad, RU
Flagma member since 19 June 2018


We produce and supply wheat, barley, soybeans, sunflower seeds. with volumes per month up to 100,000 tons.
Buyer must send his loi to WhatsApp.
yuri alexandrovich

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Холдинг мд-39, LLC,  Kaliningrad, RU
Flagma member since 19 June 2018
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Cтеклов Юрий Александрович
главный специалист
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